Chromium Carbide Wear Steel Plate with Surface Welding

Base Plate Q235B/SS400HS Code 8474900000Brand Caster (Chinese pinyin initial KST)People also askHow to weld a chromium carbide wear plate?How to weld a chromium carbide wear plate?1 Preheat the base metal to where you would weld the chromium carbide plates 2 Position the chromium carbide plates onto the steel or metal base 3 Use carbon steel electrodes to weld the chromium carbide plate to the machine or equipment 4 Make sure to choose the best type of filler material for the weldChromium Carbide Overlay (CCO) Wear Plate WALDUNJan 04,2021·Smooth Surface Chromium Carbide Overlay plate is a bimetal plate that chromium carbide flux cored wire overlaid on the mild steel base plate using submerged arc welding process.*For standard/normal CCO plates which we also produce,please scroll down.Based on the submerged arc welding process,We can now mass produce smooth surface chromium carbide []Grades Available Q235 and Q345 + Chromium Carbide Overlay (CCO) Location of Origin Suzhou,China.Name of the Brand WALDUN.Model Number WED 3+3,4+4,5+5,6+4 and etc.Type of Material Bimetallic Wear Resistant Steel Steel Plate.Techniques Used in Manufacturing Hardfacing,Open Arc Welding,Submerged Arc Welding.Carbon 5.8-4.2%Estimated Reading Time 3 minsChrome 28.0-32.0%Chromium Carbide Clad Welding Plate -

Chromium carbide clad welding plate is a new type of wear-resistant plate,Q235 is the base plate,and the surface is made by the open arc surfacing process of high chromium welding wire.The hardness is as high as 58-62hrc.The specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.Thickness and common specifications of chromium Chromium Carbide abrasion resistant plate is a kind of over-eutectic alloy composite plate which consists of up to 35% chromium carbide alloy.The hard alloy with high content of Chromium Carbide makes the wear-resistant plate suitable for extremely severe wear environment.The surface of chromium carbide steel is smooth and flat after some Estimated Reading Time 4 minsWeld Overlay Smooth Surface Wear Plate HART-SPSmooth Surface Chromium Carbide Overlay /CCO/Complex carbide overlay Plate.The smooth overlay plate was manufactured using advanced fusion bond submerged arc welding technology to apply a highly abrasive resistant chromium carbide on to a steel substrate producing consistent chemistry and micro structure (austenitic) with smooth overlay deposit.smooth surface chromium carbide overlay plate - Caster Metallugical Co.HZY Smooth Surface Chromium Carbide Overlay plate is a bimetal plate that chromium carbide flux cored wire overlaid on the mild steel base plate using submerged arc welding process.*For standard/traditional CCO plates which we also produce,please scroll down.


2008).The mild steel is hardfaced with different compositions of chromium.The mild steel is frequently used material due to its low cost,which at same time soft material with poor wear properties.To reduce this wear problem,the hard-facing was done by welding coating (welding of Cr and sodium silicate) using SMAW on the mild steel plate A unique abrasion resistant chromium-carbide overlay on a mild steel base plate.It is designed for areas with moderate impact and severe abrasion.This plate can be cut,formed,or rolled.Our unique overlaying process produces a plate with a surface that is harder,tougher,and more wear resistant than plate made by any other process.Smooth Surface Premium Chromium Carbide Overlay (CCO) Plate.If you thought that all chromium carbide overlay (CCO) plates are ragged,think again! Waldun was able to experiment and effectively manufacture smooth CCO plates using submerged arc welding (SAW) with advanced fusion technology.May 21,2020·This bimetallic product starts with a mild steel base plate that is then fused by welding with a chrome carbide steel.Up to 32% chrome (chromium) and up to 5.8% carbon,chromium carbide metallurgically bonds to the steels surface to form a protective and durable surface that will not separate from the base metal.

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