Vicarb V100 Glue on Plate and Gasket

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heatexchangerplatesVicarb Company Profile - Heat Exchanger PlatesheatexchangerplatesVicarb Company Profile - Heat Exchanger PlatesnelsonjamesonHeat Exchanger Gasket Glueshanghaijiangxing.en.made-in-chinaChina Equal Vicarb V4/V7/V8/Vu8/Vu12/V13/V20/V28/V45/V55/V60V/V85/V100/V120/V130/V180/V260 reapterqdVicarb Plates - REAPTERreapterqdVicarb Plates - REAPTER imagesVicarb Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets Plates - HFMHFM supplies Vicarb plate heat exchanger gasket and plate replacements.Vicarb Model List as below.V-Series Models - Clip-On,Glue, Ball V4 V7 V8 VU8 VU12 V13 V20 V28 V45 V55 V60 V-4 V-7 V-8 VU-8 VU-12 V-13 V-20 V-28 V-45 V-55 V-60 V85 V100 V110 RT V120 V130 V170 V180 V260 V-85Vicarb plate heat exchanger gasket and plate replacements.Vicarb Model List as below..V-Series Models Clip-On,Glue,Ball.HFM manufactures and supplies high quality PHE spare parts,rubber gaskets and metal plates.The customized dimension mould pressing and non-OEM but 100% compatible replacement of full models.are both available to meet client's different requirements.HFM gaskets and plates are specified to fit most plate heat exchanger makes and models for epdm rubber glue plate heat exchanger gasket V100 The fkm meterial of the VICARB V100 gasket can be at the high temperature for a long time.It can be used in many working conditions,such as chemical industry,oil refining industry and etc.Product Details.HIGH QUALITY.Vicarb Heat Exchanger Plates Gaskets.Benns Industrial Solutions, committed to providing Vicarb Gaskets and Vicarb Plates for Plate Heat Exchangers as well as Frame Heat Exchanger Units to our customers.We are happy to answer any questions regarding replacement Vicarb gaskets and Vicarb plates for your heat exchanger.

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