Mutiple Capacity Excavator Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab

5/5Estimated Reading Time 2 minsAvailability In stockPeople also askWhat's the volume of an orange peel grab?What's the volume of an orange peel grab?Orange peel grab get the ultimate power and reliability.This grab is extremely robust and has been specifically designed for the gripping and handling of materials such as scrap and waste.Available in many different styles to fit every job requirement,the grabs have a 300-8,000 litre volume range.Orange Peel Grab Volume Range BPH AttachmentsDescription of Excavator Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab Steel Scrap Grapple Grab bucket is the bucket that can open and close to grasp the sediment and all kinds of bulk cargo.It is a kind of spreader that mainly rely on the left and right two combined bucket or multiple jaw Hydraulic Orange peel grab ( cactus ) shell execution 3-4-5-6-7 shells. Manufacturing Capacity starting 0.3 Cbm up to customer requesting capacity. The Grabs are manufactured to a very high quality steel material.1.The kind of grab you need ( Remote Control Grabs,Electric Hydraulic Grabs,clamshell.grab,orange peel grab,single rope grab,two rope grab or four rope grab) 2.Your crane lifting capacity (SWL)? 3.The material the grab unload (name or density)? 4.The volume of the grab and the material the grabHydraulic Orange peel (cactus) grab.Hydraulic orange peel grabs are professionally developed to handle waste,scrap,rocks, recycling material.Grabs with the features either an open,semi-open,or fully closed design,designed to handle material perfectly.

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