Economical Aluminum Extruded Microchannel Tube for Heat Exchange

Steel Micro Channel Port Extruded Tube For New Energy Cars Heat Exchange.The micro-channel tube also called The Multi-Port Extrusion (MPE)- is a highly refined quality product characterized by the following properties Low energy costs.High performance.Low space and weight.High corrosion and pressure resistance.High recycling value1.Introduction of Micro channel tubes for heat exchanger As the micro-channel aluminum flat tube has light weight,high thermal conductivity,good corrosion resistance,easy bending and deformation,and high recycling value,it is widely used in air-conditioning pipelines,power control pipelines,fuel pipelines,diesel oil return pipelines and heat exchange etc applications in the pipeline.Micro-channel tubes.Also called multi-port extrusion,this flat and rectangular extruded tube is made of several channels that increase the heat transfer through a higher surface per volume ratio.Micro-channel tubes are available in various sizes and alloys,ensuring the best properties for the purpose required,and can be delivered with a Sep 26,2021·A set of micro-channel heat exchanger has about 50 to 150 micro-channel aluminum tubes,as long as one airtightness defects (such as air holes,inclusions,etc.),the whole air conditioner will be scrapped,so the quality standard is measured in PPM (1 million pieces),and the measurement standard is 15 PPM or less.Precision Cutting.Our high-speed cutting technology accurately sizes and cuts your microchannel in lengths up to three meters.The highly consistent cut and end coin provide easy insertion into your headers,resulting in a more repeatable manufacturing process.Fun,Smart,Caring People You Can Trust.We understand the needs and challenges of Steel multiport extrusion is made of several channels that increase the heat transfer through a higher surface per volume ratio.Steel multiport extrusion are unique tubes that are developed with the highest manufacturing quality.With their large internal surface area,they achieve more efficient heat transfer and hence are ideal for use in highly effective heat exchangers.3003 Microchannel multiport extrusion aluminum tubes.12)The Pressure resistance of 3003 Micro-channel multiport extrusion aluminum tubes For flat tubes of water (oil) medium heat exchangers for automobile air conditioners household or commercial air conditioners and other purposes the burst pressure should meet the requirements of the table below.Steel meets all design requirements.An all-aluminum fin and tube system can solve all design challenges,with direct cost benefits compared to the alternative with steel tubing No galvanic corrosion between fin and tube.No formicary corrosion,as aluminum is inherently immune to it.Can be used in ammonia systems,steel can not.The Aluminium Multi Port Extruded tubes,also called micro-channel aluminum tubes,are unique tubes developed with highly refined manufacturing quality.With their large internal surface area,they can achieve more efficient heat transfer and hence are widely used in highly effective heat exchangers.2.Our aluminum tubing is not only engineered to withstand tough conditions,it is designed to maximize heat-transfer performance and precision-extruded to fit perfectly the first time.Every time.Steel Microchannel Tube

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