Fish Plate for Rail Fastening

Rail fish plate,also know as rail joint bar,connects two ends of the railway tracks for fastening the railway track.It can both fasten the light rail and heavy rail.We have supplied the AREMA standard rail joint,such 115RE rail joint and 132RE rail fish plate for our customers across the world.Railway fish plate is also known as rail joint bar,splice bar.As a rail fastener,railway fish plate is used to connect two ends of rail.The railway fish plate is easier than the rail welding,so it is widely applied rail connection.Generally,railway fish plate is used with fish bolt,the middle part of fish plate has bolt hole,An upper Fish Plate.Fish plate,also named rail joint or joint bar,is a metal bar that is bolted to the ends of two rails to joint them together in the track.A quality fish plate can largely reduce the impact of wheels to the jointing section and ensure the stability of the train running.AGICO can provide different types of fish plates such as fish Rail fish plate,also called rail joint bars,is one of the most common kinds of rail fasteners.Below is the specific information about rail fish plate.Definition to connect or joint rail tracksRailway fish plate is a type of rail fastener that connect with the two rail ends.From experience,using railway fish plate to connect steel rails can save work time than welding technology,and work with track bolts,the railway fish plate is easily installed and serviced.There are holes in the middle of the flank of the fish plate.Jan 20,2017·Common rail fish plate is made of the general material Q235 steel,this kind of rail fish plate can be used in various types of rail tracks.Appearance and weight of ordinary rail joint has some differences with the different weight of railway track.Main types of ordinary railway fish plate are 4hole and 6hole.Insulated rail jointJIS standard railway fish plate rail joint bar is a kind of connection fastener used for the connection between rails.The use of fish plate is more labor-saving than the rail butt welding technology,and the installation is simple and quick.The fish plate is used in conjunction with fish bolts.Get to Know More about Railway Fish Plate Standard.The standard rail length is 12.5m and 25m.Steel Rail Classifications The rail is divided into heavy rail and light rail by the number of kilograms per meter of approximate weight:This type rail component is a guarantee for railway transportation,and it is believed the most useful product in railway construction.In addition,it is both strong and durable.Rail joint bar is a kind of rail fastening,used in conjunction with fish bolt,nut and spring washer,playing an important role in connecting rails.

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