Stainless Steel Explosive Clad Material Plate Sheet

Explosive welding of nickel clad stainless steel plate The method of adding a little high explosive explosive under the detonator can reduce the detonator area and enlarge the joint area ratio.The results of the detonation direction and the center line of the composite board indicate that there are waveforms in the entire joint zone.aluminum clad steel plate is commonly used for shipbuilding.They are used as transition materials between hulls to save costs and reduce the weight of hulls.We have been supplying aluminum clad steel sheet to domestic and foreign customers for over a long period of time.Our customers are located in more than 50 countries around the world.Custom Explosion Bonding Cladding Services - Columbus.We produce clad sheets,plates or discs in sizes up to 100 area depending on the thickness of the cladder.Consists of 1/4 C2000 Alloy explosion clad on 1-3/4 304L Stainless Steel.Example 3 Example 4 Waterjet Cut Parts (90-10 CuNi on SA516-70N Steel) waiting final processing.Our company uses the explosive welding method to produce and supply explosion-bonded aluminum stainless steel.The products are sold at home and abroad and are highly praised.With the rapid development of science and technology,more and more places need to use a variety of corrosion-resistant,high-temperature,wear-resistant plates,rods or tubes made of stainless steel,various rareStainless steel clad carbon steel plates are a kind of high-efficiency energy-saving composite material with 2-20mm stainless steel integrally coated with carbon steel as the base and single or double sided.It can give full play to the characteristics of the two metal materials,not only the corrosion resistance,wear resistance,diamagnetic and decorative properties of stainless steel,but ·1.The production method of exploded Titanium Clad Steel Sheets/Plates.The prepared cladding plate is placed on the base plate,and then a layer of explosive is laid on the cladding plate.The transient ultra-high pressure and ultra-high speed impact generated by the explosive explosion can realize the solid metallurgical bonding between the metal layers.Explosive welding of al-cu clad plate materials The process installation and process parameters of al-cu clad plate explosion welding are similar to those of other composite plates,but the thickness and area of the steel plate are not too large,and the strength of steel and aluminum is lower and the shape is higher,so the amount of explosive used is smaller..Hunan Fhohom Composite materials Co.LTD is professional productRDsales bimetallic wear-resistant composite plate titanium clad steel tube sheet Anode explosive welding block Pressure vessel explosion clad plate etc.Hunan Phohom is the leader in explosive composite welding industry.Business Consulting +86-731-89719827.Get PriceThe biggest use of explosive welding is to produce metal composite materials such as e xplosion bonded clad plate explosion bonded clad pipe explosion bonded clad sheet and explosion bonded clad pipe explosion bonded clad rod etc.Explosion bonded clad plate pipe rod has the following advantages for those metals and alloys that form brittle

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