Stainless Steel Water Titanium Pool Heat Exchanger Parts

4.4/5(67)Titanium Pool Heat Exchagers - 400,000 BTU

Product Description.The Bowman Ti Series Titanium Heat Exchangers are ideal for saltwater and swimming pool applications.Titanium is impervious to saltwater and can withstand a wide range of pH values.The use of external sources of heat as a means of swimming pool heating has increased significantly over the past decade.All SS-Series pool heaters are manufactured entirely of stainless steel 316L to ensure corrosion resistance to the chlorinated pool and spa water and longer equipment life.If there is standing chlorine left in the exchanger,this will cause some pitting and premature deterioration.Advantage of Titanium(citing) Titanium is one of several metals which fall into the category of reactive metals or corrosion resistant alloys.Reducing or oxidizing environments,with or without chlorides,and temperatures up to 1200°F,are all possible with this group of exceptional materials.Titanium Pool Heat Exchangers Salt Water Pool Heat Exchanger (SAME-SIDE SHELL CONNECTIONS AVAILABLE) Part # BTU Gallons Price SP55 55K 4,700 Gallon $345 SP85 85K 7,300 Gallon $420 SP155 155K 13,500 Gallon $575 SP210 210K 18,000 Gallon $690 SP300 300K 25,800 Gallon $850 SP360 360K 31,500 Gallon $1089SP 2.0 Series 155,000 BTU Titanium Pool Spa Heat Exchanger.$445.00.$445..00.FREE Shipping.Only 7 left in stock - order soon.AB Pool Heat Exchanger 155kBtu Stainless Steel 316L Same Side Ports 1 1/2 1 FPT for 11,900 Gallon for Spa/Solar/Pool Heating.4.4 out of 5 stars.Titanium Pool Heat Exchangers Salt Water Pool Heat Exchanger.Salt water pools will destroy a Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger in short order.Due to the increasing popularity of salt water pools,we have developed the Titanium heat exchanger which can withstand the corrosive effects of salt water.The swimming pool heat exchanger is made of high-grade anticorrosive stainless steel,which has the characteristics of anti-rust and salt water resistance,so it is very durable and very suitable for chlorine or salt water swimming pools and spas.1 1/2 FPT is used on one side of the swimming pool water,and 1 FPT is used for hot water.The heat exchanger has a straight flow with a low pressure drop and with slip connections for Ø 63 mm pipes.Maximum pressure secondary circuit (pool water) Aqua MEX fully equipped has a three-step single-phase built-in circulation pump for the primary (hot) water as well as built-in temperature sensor,flow switch and check valve.LOYALHEARTDY Tube Shell Heat Exchanger,95KBTU Heat Exchanger 1 1 1/2 FPT Stainless Steel Swimming Pool Heat Exchanger,Heat Exchanger Suitable for Swimming Pools,Hot Tubs,Solar (Same Side) $118.99 $ 118 .99

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