High Quality Sic Heating Parts for Industrial Furnaces.

As a high level heating equipment comprehensive service provider and Aviation Aerospace partner,ACME is specialized in manufacturing of SiC CVD,SiC sintering,CVD/CVI,Graphitization,vacuum carbonization,Hot pressing,Diffusion bonding,Brazing,Water quench and etc.Equipment,And producing high purity metal 3D print spherical powders.High quality silicon carbide Heating element sic heaters rod for furnace.US $25.00 is established with the goal of providing researchers with specialized instruments designed to meet their unique demands In the last 37 years,Silcarb has branched out into various other fields of manufacturing,namely Silicon Carbide Heating Elements,Molybdenum Di-Silicide Heaters,Technical Ceramics,Kiln Furniture and Industrial Furnaces.We are currently a team of 150+ people with a commitment to quality.Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Our silicon carbide electric heating element adopts the latest cold end production process,which has high-quality heat and cold end resistance ratio,energy saving and long life,while avoiding the damage to the furnace body caused by the high temperature of the cold end.The product model of silicon carbide heating elements GD(rod) type elementsThe High Temperature Furnace is equipped with high-quality insulation fiber blocks.The furnace has a multilayered lightweight refractory brick on the heating chamber side.The SiC Heating Rods are vertically installed in the furnace in order to provide uniform heating.High temperature muffle furnace JM series (SiC) Temperatures up to 1.600 ºC.Vertical lift door.Let work 24/7 in continuous mode.SiC High quality Silicon Carbide heating elements Kanthal.Ramp programmer up to 64 steps.Fast heat.Inox chamber.Low thermal mass insulation.High Quality Industrial Double Spiral SiC Heater Price in China The price of High Quality Industrial Double Spiral Sic Heater from China is based on the bulk order quantity.Henan Sunshine High Temperature Materials Co.,Ltd.offers flexible prices for Industrial Heater variations depending on the importing country and quantity.1200 Industrial Customized Box Furnace.> Max Temp Design 1200.> Working Temp 1100.> Heater High Quality HRE.1400 Lab and Small Industrial Pouplar Box Furnace.> Max Temp Design 1400.> Working Temp 1300.> Heater Quality SIC Rod.1700 Industrial 36 liters Box Furnace.AVION provides comprehensive service to the heat treatment industry focusing on supplying high quality spare parts for industrial furnaces.Our company is especially successful in the development of energy-saving heating systems made of alternative materials (Si/SiC).

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