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This metal punch doesn't get worn out or tired from repetitive motion,so the 10,000th piece of sheet metal cut using this machine will match the very first piece that was cut.Metal stamping can create a myriad of unique items by stamping tons of custom met forms quickly and evenly.Factory Price OEM Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Stamping Brackets Professional custom metal bracket fabrication.More than 10 years for fabrication experience.Custom made according to the drawings provide by customers.We can also provide the design service.All kinds of production machinery laser cutting,CNC punching,bending,welding.What is Sheet Metal Pressing Process.Metal pressing and forming include a variety of sheet metal stamping manufacturing processes,such as punching by using a sheet metal stamping press machine,blanking,embossing,bending,flanging and coining,etc.Metal punching is a metal forming technique used most often to create prototypes or lower-quantity,more complex tool orders.It works when sheet metal is positioned between a die and a punch,creating holes or indents when the punch moves downward through the die.Varying thicknesses of sheet metal can be pushed through the press.Since 2000,Like Machinery is an industry-leading precision fabrication company specializing in high-quality Metal Stamping,Sheet Metal Processing,Tool and Die Capabilities,Value-added Assembly and Metal Laser Cutting Services.We operate 35 punch presses,ranging in size from 15 to 630 tons,which produce simple and complex shapes from dies Name Working Fabrication Sheet Metal Parts.Material Carbon steel,stainless steel,aluminum,brass.Surface treatment Nature/Nicel Plating/Zinc Plating/Tin Plating/Powder Coat,etc.Color Silvery or custom.Processing Cutting,Stamping,Punching,bending.Packaging Plastic tray,Carton and Pallet.Thickenss 0.1 5.0 mm.Metal stamping is the manufacturing process in which a strip of sheet metal is fed through one or more die and tool sets to apply pressure,re-forming and cutting the piece into a desired shape.The sheet metal can come in either blank or coil form,and common stamping operations include blanking,punching,coining,drawing,embossing,piercing

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