Excavator Mounted Standard Ripper Soil Scarifier

5/5(5)People also askHow big is a 60 scarifier bar Ripper?How big is a 60 scarifier bar Ripper?60 is 66 overall and 72 is 77 overall.60 (6 shanks) and 72 (7 shanks) working widths available.Added horseshoe shaped plate on the bottom of tube provides extra strength.Attach a second implement such as a landscape rake behind the scarifier bar to save time.Land Shark Compact Tractor 3 point Scarifier Bar RipperYou are looking at a Heavy-Duty (HD) 84 Ripper Attachment for skid steer / track loaders and compact tractors.This HD ripper features six(6) adjustable / removable ripper tines with replaceable teeth capable of penetrating earth up to 12 deep.It features eleven(11) ripper slots in total to accommodate additional ripper tines (sold separately).Constructed from high carbon AR400 A36 grade SF25 Series.Scarifiers.Land Pride's SF2566 SF2577 Scarifiers perform severe ripping,loosening,and renovation or reshaping of the soil profile.Both models are designed for tandem attachment and will work in unison with Land Pride 15,16,and 26 Series Landscape Rakes or Rear Blades.The versatile action of a scarifer that can be used The 72-in Ripper Scarifier Attachment by Titan Attachments&is designed to rip and scarify hollow or frozen ground.You can easily prep a garden or till the land.This heavy-duty ripper attaches to almost any skid steer with the universal skid steer style quick tach.It features (5) adjustable and removable ripper tines that adjust to 4-height Land Shark Scarifier Bar.Use the Land Shark Scarifier Bar to rip up top soil for easier grading and leveling.The 3 point hitch scarifier bar will attach to any category I tractor,and has a second 3 point hitch on the back of it allowing you to attach another attachment behind it such as a

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