Steel Tooth Tricone Bits Steel Bits

Steel Tooth (or Mill Tooth) bits come in many shapes and sizes with multiple features,and cutting structures to combat downhole diversities in the different formations you may encounter.Milled tooth tricone bits are designed for very soft to medium hardness formations.The recommended 9-in.(250.825-mm) Vanguard Steel-Tooth tricone drill bit drilled 6,400 ft (1,951 m) of interbedded formations at a rate that was 15% faster and 30% farther than any comparable offsets.Before being pulled for hours,the tricone accumulated more than 840 K-revs and was seal-effective.The BT1 is the fastest tricone drilling bit offered by Bit Brokers.This steel tooth bit model is designed with long A shaped teeth,widely spaced and fully hard faced from crest to root for maximum penetration rates in formations that range from moderately soft to medium soft.This design is most effective in formations with compressive Description.Steel tooth tricone bit is milled from steel,its applied to drill soft,medium and hard formations.They have long steel tooth,the ROP is very high is soft or medium formation.Application area oil/gas well,water well,Geothermal well,pilot bit for HDD Bearing sealing elastomer sealed bear.Advantages Tungsten carbide hardfacing steel tooth.Steel Tooth Tricone Bit factory,Buy good quality Steel Tooth Tricone Bit products from China.17 1/2 FG214G Steel Tooth Tricone Bit / Jet Drill Bits ISO 9001 Approved.Three Roller Cone Drill Bit ,Tci Drill Bit 8 1/2 FA126 For Water Well Drilling.7 Kgs Steel Tooth Tricone Bit 4 5/8 FSA 216 For Deep Section Well Drilling.

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