Metal punching machines 16T hole with smooth operation

3.6/5(11)Item Weight 4.71 poundsBrand NEWTRYManufacturer NEWTRYcorner angle bead machine,corner angle bead

Angle bead making machine 1.*Finished product * 2.* Whole production line * 3.*punching machine amp;forming machine * 1 Model 16t 2 speed 110-120times/min 3 punching machine With automatic feeding system 4 motor power 2.2KW 1 Roller station 9 stations 2 Shaft material 45# steel 3 Outer diameter 40mm 4 Roller material Cr12MoV 5 Transport Gear Driving 6 Forming Speed 15-18m/min1.CAC hydraulic cutting series is specialized for cutting angle iron.2.The tool has the advantage of quick cutting,no scrap iron,smooth surface of cutting flat.3.It is suited for use in the bridge,the high pressure of iron tower and anyplace where the need to use such a tool.4.The coil recoiler is composed of a tensioner and a coil decoiler.The tensioner is located in front of the decoiler and plays a role of tensioning the material,to make the follow-up decoiler always maintain a constant tension when rewinding.At the same time,the ordinary A-frame is replaced with a large-scale A-frame for receiving materials CATHTIP's catheter tipping and hole punching machines,dies,drills and tooling are proudly made in the U.S.A.,since 1995.Our catheter contract manufacturing supports low and high volume runs and is integrated with our engineering and development teams,as well as in-house machine shop,to ensure quality,service and reliability.Happybuy CC-100 Industrial Manual Lever Sheet Metal Stud Punch 7/8,1-11/32 Diameter,Metal Stud Hole Punch Dies 0.9 1.3,Steel Stud Puncher Set Manual Knockout Hole PunchReviews 1Images of Metal Punching machines 16th Hole With Smooth harsleJ23-16T punch equipment,metal hole punch machine for sale - HARSLE MACHINEpunching.harslePunching Machine HARSLE J23-16T Hole- HARSLE Punching DivisionebayMetal Stud Punch Cutter Manual Lever Sheet Metal Stud Steel Stud Puncher Set ebayManual Lever Sheet Metal Stud Punch Manual Punching Machine w/2x Drill Bit New roofingmagazineNew Bi-Metal Hole Saws Are Designed For Fast,Smooth Cutting - Roofing imagesmechanical saw machinery,mechanical saw machinery Protective fence and the safety interlock to ensure the operation safety.Our service 1. J21S-63 ton DeepThroat Mechanical Power Press Machine Punching Machine metal hole.Up to 5 years warranty.$5,000.00-$5,350.00 / Set. high performance J23 metal stamping machine /16t 25t 40t mechanical punching machine for metal parts.$3,000.00 This item NEWTRY 5mm Industrial Air Hole Puncher Pneumatic Hole Opener Punch Flange Tool Deep Metal Hand Punch Punching Gun Punching Machine (hole size,5mm) $135.00 Only 19 left in stock -

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