Galvanized Steel Material Grill Expanded Metal Mesh

Estimated Reading Time 1 minPeople also askWhat can you use expanded metal grill for?What can you use expanded metal grill for?Expanded metal speaker grill can be used in the car loudspeakers.Expanded metal speaker grill can be used in the Bluetooth speaker.Expanded metal speaker grill can be used in the outdoor speakers.EMG-09 Expanded metal speaker grill for Bluetooth speaker.Protective Expanded Metal Car Grill and Speaker GrillThe expanded metal grill can be made of steel,aluminum or stainless steel.Common hole patterns can be diamond hole,hexagon hole and oval mesh.In order to improve the corrosion resistance,rust resistance and the service life,the steel plate can be galvanizedGalvanized expanded metal sheet is zinc coated on the surface of the steel mesh to improve its rust resistance.Galvanizing is a cost-effective long-term protection solution.Galvanized coatings can protect steel materials for 20 years if used in the right environment.The different materials expanded metal grilles are manufactured into different hole patterns.The common hole patterns can be diamond hole patterns,hexagonal hole patterns,oval mesh patterns.To improve the corrosion and rust resistance and service life,the iron steel sheet will be galvanized or PVC coated as customers' request.Expanded metal is a type of sheet metal that has been cut and stretched to form a regular pattern (usually diamond-shaped).Due to its method of production,expanded metal is one of the most economic and strong steel mesh or grating materials on the market.ItExpanded steel mesh is the most economical type of metal material.It is made of low carbon steel sheet or plate,which is much cheaper than stainless steel and aluminum expanded metal.However,steel mesh is susceptible to rust or corrosion.To prevent this problem,the finish such as galvanizing are usually performed on the surface of

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