Evaporator Coils Tube Air to Liquid Heat Exchanger

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aliexpress5P piece shell and tube heat exchanger condenser evaporator air pump water heaters,heating spiralfinnedtubeCustomized Condenser Coils Liquid Cooling / Finned Coil Heat Exchangersbadger-pipe16x20 Water to Air Heat Exchanger~~1 Copper Ports w/ EZ Install Front Badger Insulated PipespiralfinnedtubeFlexible Condenser Coils in Coaxial Evaporators / Fin Coil Heat Exchanger imagesIs an evaporator a heat exchanger? Apr 24,2019·The evaporator works the opposite of the condenser,here refrigerant liquid is converted to gas,absorbing heat from the air in the compartment.When the liquid refrigerant reaches the evaporator its pressure has been reduced,dissipating its heat content and making it much cooler than the fan air flowing around it.Mar 01,2014·The evaporator coil acts a heat exchanger,working with your heating system in the winter and your cooling system in the summer.It operates with the air conditioner or heat pump to condition and cool indoor air that flows over it by extracting moisture and heat.In summer,as liquid flows into the evaporator coil,it expands and cools.The evaporator coil is a heat exchanger which brings about a fall in temperature and pressure through a constant flow of cooling fluids.A function of the evaporator is to allow a greater exchange between the coolant and the area to be cooled,which takes place using an air or water exchanger; in this way the temperature is absorbed by the coolant and suctioned by means of the compressor It has big popularity in forced air heatingand cooling applications.They are suitable for a large number of projectsincluding water to air and air to water heat transfer uses,such as outdoorwood furnaces,boilers,stoves,residential and light commercial forced airheating and cooling applications,as well as liquid chilling applications andmany others.

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