High Strength High Density and High Purity Isostatic Tube

Cited by 10Publish Year 1990Author Clarence L.HoenigHigh-Density-Isostatic-Pressing-Graphite-Block

Isostatic Pressure Graphite Isopressing high-purity graphite is made into low ash raw material by high temperature graphitizing and ash handling treatment.Mainly used as discharge electron tube,thyratron,graphite block for mercury arc rectifier,graphite boat,pot and electric heating element for semiconductor technology,graphite utensil used for metal gasification,continuous casting Nov 28,2017·High purity isostatic graphite rod and block is mainly used for electrodes,anodes,cathodes,heating elements,resistors,fluxing/degassing tubes,molds,crucibles,special structural parts,etc.in metallurgy,mechanical engineering,chemical electro-chemical industry,energy management,glass ceramics,transportation and other industries.Molded Graphite (including vibration molding) used in the aluminum industry; isostatic pressing.Molded graphite with advantages of high density,high purity,low resistivity,high mechanical strength.Using mechanical processing,it has good shock resistance,high temperature resistance,oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.Dec 21,2016·Pure graphite rod has high density,high strength,high purity graphite made,than ordinary graphite rod is to wear a little,but also relative wear resistance,some graphite products need to in the rotating device,so this requires ultra high pure graphite abrasion resistance,because there will be dust in repeated rotation friction thus,high purity graphite product itself is not very wear Cold isostatic pressed.Large size available; High density / Fine grain size / High purity / High strength / Low specific resistance / Ease of precise machining; Excellent thermal shock resistance to high temperature and oxidation / good anticorrosionHot isostatic pressing at 2200° C.and 30 KSI (206.8 MPa) argon pressure for two hours produces a bulk density of 2.10 g/cc.Complex shapes can be made.High density-high purity graphite prepared by hot isostatic pressing in refractory metal containers

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