Stainless Steel Carbon Steel and Alloy Pall Ring Random Packing

SS 304L Metal Pall Ring For Random Tower Packing For Distillation Column 25mm .Product Description .Metal Pall Ring is made of material like carbon steel,stainless steel or Alumina alloy,etc.The product has features such as thin wall,heat resistant,high free volume,high capacity,low resistance,high separation efficiency and so on.Metal pall ring is commonly made of stainless steel or carbon steel.Compared with plastic pall ring,metal pall ring packing has higher mechanical strength and better mass transfer performance.The five most popular nominal diameters of metal pall ring,widely applied to industrial manufacture,are DN 16,DN 25,DN 38,DN 50 and DN 76 mm.Raschig Rings,first generation random packing,are normally made from metals like carbon steel,SUS304,SUS316L and Alloys.Metal Raschig Rings are used in specific applications demanding good corrosion and thermal transfer.They are generally thicker than other random packing types and offer high durability and lower efficiency than other SS304 SS316L pall rings .SS304 SS316L pall rings is one of the most common and well known random tower packings,we can make Carbon steel pall ring,SS304 pall ring,SS304L pall ring,SS316 pall ring,SS316L pall ring,Titianium pall ring,Monel pall ring,Metal Pall Ring is an industry standard design media developed from the Raschig Ring and is used widely in variety of applications.Metal pall ring is an important type of pall ring.Compared with plastic pall ring,the metal pall ring has better corrosion and rust resistance to be used in the extremely harsh environments.Metal pall ring is mainly made of carbon steel,galvanized steel,stainless steel and other materials.

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