Forged Double Tube Sheet Heat Exchanger

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Tube sheet designing for heat exchanger In cases where it is critical to avoid fluid intermixing,a double tube sheet can be provided.The design of tube sheets is a fairly precise and complex process; the exact number of tubes needs to be established and a pattern of holes calculated to spreads them evenly over the tube sheet surface.Tube sheet Manufacturer In China A tube sheet is a plate which is used to support the tubes in a shell-and-tube heat exchanger.The tubes are aligned in a parallel way,and supported and held in place by tube sheets.Size Tube Sheet Flanges Size Diamater up to 5000 mm..materials available CS,SS,DSS,Alloy steel,stainless steel,duplex stainless steel,carbon steel,etc..A tube sheet is usually made from a round flat piece of plate,sheet with holes drilled to accept the tubes or pipes in a accurate location and pattern relative to one another.The tube sheets are used to support and isolate tubes in heat exchangers and boilers or to support filter elements.Tubes are attached to the tube sheet by hydraulic pressure or by roller expansion.The tube sheet is an essential component of a shell and tube heat exchanger because it must support and isolate the fluid within them from the other fluid flowing through the shell.In some cases,where it is particularly important to prevent the tube fluid from mixing with the shell fluid,a double tube sheet might be installed within the

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