Bonovo Reinforced Excavator Bucket for Heavy Duty Work

5/5ATTACHMENTS - Excavator Track Chain,Track Shoe

Bonovo Underground Loader Bucket is special for the scooptram for Mining.R1300R1600,R1700R2900,LH410,LH517,ST1030 buckets are very popular .besides the bucket structure,BONOVO also supplies the replacement teeth system for Bonovo Underground Loader Bucket as well as the reinforced plans according to Customers Requirements.Construction Machinery Parts reinforced Excavator Rock HD Bucket at Severe Condition Work for ALL models machinery.Up to 5 years warranty.US $3000-$25000 / Piece. Heavy Duty Rock Excavator Bucket hd reinforced bucket Price List 30T Mud Bucket. Bonovo Reinforced Excavator Bucket for Heavy Duty Work.Up to 5 years warranty.US $200.00 This heavy duty excavator bucket is built for extra service life in medium abrasive materials like crushed rock,chalk,shale,limestone,and frozen soil.Heavy Duty Bucket for all excavators between 12-60 tons; Suitable for soil class I-IV with material density up to 1800 kg/m 3; Bucket width up to 2000 mm,and bucket volume up to 3 m 3Heavy-Duty Excavator buckets Fits 40,000-50,000 lb Excavators/ 20-25 ton rated excavators Condition Brand New .Shipping $395 Flat Rate*,Local Pick-up Free McLaren Heavy Duty Excavator Buckets are designed to give you the most hours of work per dollar invested.Our design and concepts are based on customer value.Apr 30,2019·Heavy-duty Reinforced heavy-duty buckets provide productive digging in compact materials like blasted rock,hard-packed clay and stone.They can also handle gravel,ripped basalt,shot granite,high-silica sand,sharp rock and other dense materials.Volvo buckets are manufactured using high-strength AR400 steel.Heavy-duty rock bucket,as the strongest one in four basic buckets,is with heel shrouds and wear-resistant balls for the best protection.Applied Size RSBM excavator buckets are customized to fit your machine from 0.1t-120t.Bonovo Clamshell Bucket for excavators is for material re-handling and dredging.Divided into light,standard,and heavy-duty versions and featuring a sealed 360-degree rotation,the units are also available for environmental applications.Excavator Buckets are Designed to Optimize Machine Performance When Digging,Loading.Carrying,Leveling,Grading and Dumping in a Variety of Applications.Quarry Bucket Specially Designed for Digging in Extreme Duty Work Condition.Various Brands of Excavators can Be Matched Perfectly.Reinforced Base on the SD Bucket.

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