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NFM provides a wide range of high quality filter bags and solutions for all industries dust types.We supply filtration solutions for food,abrasive,toxic and explosive dust,and specialize in dust and fumes from abrasive handling,chemicals,food beverage,metals,power,powder coating,sand blasting,textiles,paper,pulp woodworking and many others.Aramid Needle Felt NOMEX 2.0mm Dust Filter Bags METAMAX Filter Cloth Bag.Polyester Fabric Dust Filter Bags Anti Static Dust Collector Pleated Filter Bag.Polypropylene Polyester Industrial Liquid Filter Bags 500um.7'' X 32'' PP Felt Liquid Filter Bags 10Microns Filter Socks For Food Industries.840AB Air Permeability Filament Press PP Filter A dust collector may do an adequate job of removing wood particles,saw dust and fine sander dust from the work area,but a poorly designed or worn out filter bag may do an even better job of redistributing wood dust throughout the shop.Woven fabric bags generally supplied by a machines manufacturer are,at best,a compromise.Universal industrial fabric dust filter are made from heavy.duty needle felt in either 500 or 550 gm /m2,available in a.number of surface finishing likes glazed,singled or plain.depends on each application.We provide custom made dust bags based on client.specification.Industrial Fabric Dust Bag.e.most baghouse filters use round filter bags.The circular filter bag bears uniform force,easy frame support,and connection,require small power for dust removal,convenient for inspection and maintenance.Also called envelope filter bags,usually in the width of 0.5 ~ 1.5m,length of 1 ~ 2m,thickness,and filter bag spacing of 25 ~ 50mm.

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