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Product Description OEM Stainless Steel Small Electrical Stamping Parts,Steel Sheet Metal Electric Parts,Sheet Metal Stamping Fabrication Custom Metal Hardware,Automotive Metal Stamped Components Support Enclosures,OEM/ODM Stamping Metal Rack Mount Brackets Parts,Precision Metal Stamping Bending Assembly Parts Fabrication Metal China FactoryIn both multi-slide and four-slide stamping the tooling accesses the metal at a right angle.In four-slide stamping the slides remain fixed at 90 degree angles,while in multi-slide stamping,the slides are on an adjustable forming bed.In both methods,the positioning of each slide allows the creation complex bending operations for metals parts.As Your One-stop Metal Parts Supplier,HDC also provides top-notch metal stamping services for your projects,which could be used on lightings,medical,furniture and electric appliances,automotive,aerospace industry.World-class punching,blanking,coining,and embossing facilities.10Product Item Stamping Heat Sink Category Stamping Parts The heat sink is a device for dissipating heat from the heat-generating electronic components in an electric appliance,and is mostly made of an aluminum alloy,brass,or bronze plate,sheet,etc.project Stamping parts (also known as pressing) is the process of placing flat sheet metal((stainless steel,iron,aluminum,steel and other anisotropic materials) in either blank or coil form into a stamping press where a tool and die surface forms the metal into a parts shape.Stamping parts includes a variety of sheet-metal forming manufacturing processes,such as punching using a machine CJ Metal Parts Ltd Find professional CNC machining parts,stamping parts,stamping die,brass components,aluminium parts manufacturers and suppliers in China here.If you're going to buy high quality precision metal products made in China,welcome to get more information from our factory.Also,customized service is available.Precision Stainless Steel Stamping Parts Details.Material available Stainless steel 201/304/316,sheet metal ( SPCC,SECC),aluminum alloy etc.Fabrication service Laser Cutting ,Stamping,Punching ,Bending,turning ,Welding,machining,surface treatment,and other General Fabrication Service.Stamping Parts Processing Service Machine Case,OEM / ODM Stamping Stainless Steel Enclosures,Instrument Metal Stamping Box Parts,Aluminium Sheet Metal Stamping Cabinet Case,Quality Precision Metal Stamping Bending Assembly Parts,Fabrication Stamp Metal Housing China Supplier Factory All kinds of cars,machinery,home appliance,electronic 1/ Stamping Parts that produced with our coil feeding equipment 2/ Description about our coil feeding equipment In the automotive manufacturing industry,higher quality,greater capacity and lower cost demand have made automobile manufacturers feel unprecedented pressure.Traditional manual production methods are gradually retiring,and automated production has sufficient future for

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