Steel Purlin C Section Steel Purlin Purlins

Estimated Reading Time 40 secsNOMINAL DIMENSIONOMINAL DIMENSIONOMINAL DIMENSIONOMINAL DIMENSIONSSection ReferenceWeight kg/mArea cm²Depth mm142 C 132.853.63142142 C 143.063.90142142 C 153.284.17142 49 rows on metsecSteel C Section Purlins (Manufactured to size)

Steel C Section Purlins (Manufactured to size) PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE ON 01675Geometric Steel offers a range of purlins and girts from 80mm to 300mm in Z and C profiles web height,cut to length,un-punched,or punched.All purlins and girts are manufactures from high tensile,galvanized steel of 245Mpa and 350Mpa,with a minimum Z90 to Z 275GSM Zinc coating.Purlin C.Steeline C Purlins are an ideal product that provide long spans between portal frames on your commercial building.Steeline C Purlins are available in different sizes and material strengths to match the design specification of your building.Steeline C Purlins are made from quality Galvaspan&steel and are roll formed to length with 49 rows·Download our purlin technical manual in the downloads section below for more information.

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