Pipe Flanges of Steel with Neck Butt Welding

Weld Neck Flanges are flanges that designed to be joined to a piping system by butt welding.the WN Flange is relatively expensive because of its long neck,but is preferred for high stress applications.The neck,or hub,transmits stresses to the pipe,reducing stress concentrations at the base of the Welding-Neck flanges.Definition and Details of Weld Neck Flange.Weld neck flange (also known as a high-hub flange and tapered hub flange) is a type of flange.There are two designs.The regular type is used with pipes.The long type is unsuitable for pipes and is used in process plant.A weld neck flange consists of a circular fitting with a protruding rim around the circumference.JIS B2220 (WN)Welding Neck Steel Pipe Flange.Butt welding flange with neck refers to a kind of flange with taper neck and butt welding with cylinder or pipeline.It belongs to integral flange.Because of the excessive structure and butt welding connection of the taper neck,the strength and rigidity of the flange are strengthened,the butt Weld Neck Flanges.Weld neck flange is normally referred to as the high hub Flange.It is designed to transfer stresses to the pipe,thereby reducing high stress concentrations at the base of the Flange.The welding neck flange is the best designed butt-welded flange of those currently available because of its inherent structural value.Nov 23,2020·Some manufacturers use the inner and outer submerged arc welding ring welder to complete the circular welding between the long neck butt welding flange and steel pipe,that is,the double-side penetration welding is used for the weldingSteel pipe flanges are available in variety of styles and pressure classes.Metal flanges are classified from 150 to 2500 # rating.In addition to specifying pressure class,certain flanges such as weld neck flange socket weld flange also require specifying the pipe schedule.Flanged Pipe Fittings.Same as flanged steel pipe,flanged pipe fittings is the pipe fittings like elbow,tee,reducer ends welded with different type of flanges,like weld neck flange,flat flange,or slip on flange.Other than flanged pipe fittings,there are also other connection types like butt weld pipe fittings,socket weld pipe fittings.Jan 22,2021·Slip On Pipe Flange VS Welding Neck Flange.Flat welding and butt welding are both the welding methods when the flange is connected to the pipe.Welding neck flange is a type of steel pipe welding neck flange,sometimes referred to as WN flange for short.It has a better sealing,has been widely used in high pressure and other pipelines or

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