Switch Bolt for Railway Turnout

(Also known as switch points,switch rails,point rails) Turnouts are arrangements of speciality parts designed to allow rail equipment to move from one track to another.North American Rail Products has a wide variety of turnout points for a variety of rail applications.We sell turnoutTurnout Switch Components for Industrial Mainline Railway Projects Throughout the Midwest,South, Southeast.At G.A.Smith Railway Supply,we provide clients throughout the Midwest,Southeast,and Southern U.S.with a variety of turnout and switch products including switch points,switch stands,frogs,switch rods,gauge plates,and guard AT50/50AT1 turnout switch rail is used for curve railway to avoid the high pressure to make the rail break,also be used for making turnout switch,this rail is specially used for national railway,the quantity is very good,can accept any third party inspection.$Simple turnout A railroad switch that leads one line to two.The side lines branch off from the main line to the left or right.The simple turnout has most wide application among all types of railroad switch,takes 90% of total.It is made up of switch,frog,guard rail and connection.Equilateral turnout it is a special type of simple In a lapped turnout,as seen in following picture,the switch rails for a second turnout will be placed between the switch and the frog of the initial turnout.This introduces a third frog where a closure rail of the first turnout crosses a closure rail of the second turnout.In a lapped turnout,as seen in following picture,the switch rails for a second turnout will be placed between the switch and the frog of the initial turnout.This introduces a third frog where a closure rail of the first turnout crosses a closure rail of the second turnout.Radius of outer rail of turnout curve (R) = OE = OT (O is the centre of the turnout curve) Calculations .Curve lead (CL) In D ATE ,= 2GN (approximately) Switch lead (SL) TL is the length of the tangent with an offset LM = D = heel divergence.From the properties of triangles,SL × SL = d (2R - d) Lead of crossing (L) L = curve lead - switch leadRailway Turnout include following items:switches,frogs,guard rails,stock rails,and closure rails; rail fasteners made for turnouts and other components including switch rods and gauge plates,etc.At the railway track turnout section,single and double slip switches,cross ties are also specially designed and fabricated for rail turnout system.Plates,Braces and Switch Clips AREMA Turnout Plate Used in uniform-riser applications beyond the heel of the switch.Assists in maintaining rail gauge.Must be manufactured for specific switch length,rail section and turnout alignment.Side-Jaw Clip Non-adjustable.Forged steel construction.For use with horizontal switch rod.Railway frog is an important key component of turnout,it is necessary to lay focus on explanation.Railway frog consists of two point rails,two wing rails,two guard rail (also named check rail),tie plate,blocks,other accessories and etc.According to different production technologies,Frog may be classified into different types.Nov 05,2013·Thus,key areas of the turnout are inspected to include such key safety parameters as the gap width between switch point and stock rail,vertical and side wear on the stock rail,relative height of the switch point and stock rail,gauge face angle and corner radius of the switch point,relative height and angle of the frog nose and wing rails,etc.Jul 18,2020·Main Parts Of A Railroad Track.A railroad track is mainly composed of rails,railroad ties (sleepers),fasteners,railway switch,ballast,subgrade.The components of railway track play different roles in providing support for trains.The track structure isRailway turnout is a mechanical device that used to guide the trains from one rail track to another.As an important part in rail construction,turnout helps to enable the trafficability of the rail.Through leverage principle,the railroad switch rod switches the two movable rails to ensure the trains drive into the appointed route.Railway Material Specialists Since 1928.Frogs,Switches Turnouts.Whether you are looking for switches for industrial tracks,mainline turnouts,or light trackwork for mining and tunneling,we have the turnout materials to fit your needs.Rail Accessories.JENNMAR can supply fully erected turnouts,rails,and accessories for 40 lb.,60 lb.,85 lb.and 115 lb.light rail trackwork in any gauge.We can also supply you with 60 lb.or 80 lb.knockdown turnout kits on skids.You can specify all individual components from switch points,fittings,switch rods,stands,and replacement Switch points for a railroad turnout have an adjustable connecting rod member which moves the switch points to the desired direction.The adjustable connecting rod member is easily adjustable to provide proper alignment of the switch points with the stock rails with minimal effort and without the need for specialized crews.There is also no need to disconnect the adjustable connecting rod Author Arturo A.Ortiz RivasPublish Year 2001No.8 Guarded Turnouts and Crossover Tracks - Yards

3.2.1 Special Trackwork materials,including oval-neck track bolts of one-inch nominal diameter,nuts and spring washers,and Special Trackwork assemblies Provide in accordance with AREMA as modified and as shown in the Contract Drawings.3.2.2 Rail,switches,frogs and other track material Provide in accordance with AREMADec 26,2020·Progress Rail offers a full line of trackwork,components and fasteners for heavy haul and transit railways,and is a leading manufacturer of specialty trackwork in North America,the United Kingdom and Australia.With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located strategically around the globe,we produce the highest quality trackwork and fasteners,with 100-plus years of experience in rail quality rail orgin frog length hand guard rail type guard rail length switch stand type connecting rod length target type switch point guard type welded / bolted heel block turnout kit rail package stock rails straight closure rails curved closure rails running rails turnout kit otm package tie plates type size panelized pre-plated North American Rail Products has several types of derails in stock switch point derails,handed derails,portable derails and bi-directional derails.We sell derails as new or,optimally,in relay condition.Hook Twin Tie Plates.Hook Twin Tie plates are used for behind the heel of switches,guard rails and for frogs.Certification ISO14001,ISO9001,Arema,BS,ASTM,Uic,Tb Type Turnouts Name Railroad Rail Turnout Material High Manganese Steel Switch Rail 60e1a1 Size 1/12Sep 06,2015·Wed,2015-09-16 13:05 Kevin Rowbotham.Joe Fugate's Siskiyou Line video in the Trainmasters TV archive shows how to make fascia mounted throws from a $4.00 door bolt.These EasyThrow turnout controls even have that turn-pull action like a real switch stand.Railway Switch Supplier from China.As a leading railway switch supplier in China,King Rail can provide simple turnout ,equilateral turnout,three-way turnout,slip switch,other types of rail switch,and related railroad switch parts as per customer request.Have both standard products or customized.Application Turnout switch,Curved rail Weight 82.23 kg/m Secondary Or Not Non-secondary Bolt Hole Diameter Non Name AT60/60AT1 switch rail Other name AT60/60AT1 turnout rail Key words 6 0AT1 switch rail Certificate CE 3.1/3.2 Service Customizable Market Overseas Warranty 12 months $Throw bar mounting hole(s) are drilled and de-burred.The closure rail connecting bolt hole is drilled during the turnout assembly process.Photo 12.Stock Rail Notching Photo 13 shows fixture used to machine the notch in the stock rails (left and right).These are the mating notches for the switch points.

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